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Inspections for Home Mortgage

We are DNR certified to perform septic inspections in the state. We use our TMX towable digging machine to expose your system, saving the sod and replacing it when complete.

Grease Trap Service

We now have one truck servicing restaurant grease traps on a daily basis. We also have a computer program system for prompt scheduling and assuring courteous and efficient service.

All commercial kitchens are required to have a grease trap that prevents liquid waste contaminated with oil, fat, and grease from entering the sewer system, a problem that causes not only clogs and interrupted business but serious environmental impact. A grease trap captures these substances by slowing down the flow of wastewater. As water moves through the trap, oil, fat, and grease cool and rise to the top of the tank, while solids (food particles) settle to the bottom. The remaining water exits as baffles prevent the greasy build up from moving out of the trap.

Depending on the type and volume of business, an establishment’s grease trap may be small and connected to the outlet of the kitchen sink, or may be located outside the building underground. Inside grease traps generally require more frequent maintenance, while outside traps hold a much greater volume. Outside grease traps, however, are subject to seasonal changes and may be problematic during colder weather when blockages are caused by freezing wastewater and grease.

Commercial Pit Cleaning

We have a 2011 vacuum unit specifically designed for this type of service. The truck has a blower pump that builds over 900 cfm. It has back-flushing capabilities for removal of sand and sludge in commercial pits and car washes, assuring prompt, courteous and efficient service.

Our Clients

Forest Septic and Environmental Services have been proudly serving Des Moines and all of central Iowa for close to 100 years! Below is a small sample of some of the amazing companies we have worked with. We look forwarded to serving Des Moines and Central Iowa for many more years to come.


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